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A Few Great Linux Programs

LibreOffice - A complete and powerful office suite. Includes a Writer, Spreadsheet (calc), Presentation (Impress), and Draw and Base programs. A great alternative to The Windows Office Suite.

VLC -- A very good media center. A great alternative to Windows media centre.

Kaffeine -- A great media player, however, this one can watch TV if you have a USB or internal TV tuner card.

K3b -- A CD or DVD burner that will also copy CDs or DVDs, create .iso images and rip CDs and DVDs. Like Nero on Windows.

Gwenview -- A great program for viewing pictures. Similar to Irfanview on Windows.

digikam -- A basic program for editing pictures.

Gimp -- A complex program for working with pictures. An alternative to Photo Shop on Windows.

DeVeDe -- This is a program for making Video DVD's or Video CD's from a collection of video files.

gLabels -- A great program for making business cards and labels. Is there a free Windows alternative?

Acidrip -- A way to save/extract videos from DVDs

KompoZer -- Full featured program to create a website using the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) system. Great help files too.

Virtualbox -- Install Windows and/or other operating systems inside Virtualbox in Linux. Great if you have a special Windows specific program that you need.

Browsers -- Available Firefox, Opera, Chromium, Epiphany, SeaMonkey and others.