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What Is Going On In Our Group


Recently a member of our Group demonstrated his $35 Raspberry computer. It is on a credit card sized motherboard and has no case. It comes with connections for a USB keyboard and mouse, and a 5V power supply. A SD card can be loaded with a linux operating system (3 systems available) and include some interesting programs. A HDMI outlet allows it to be connected to a TV for display. Model B comes with a 10/100 Ethernet port.

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Other things we have looked at lately include FreeNAS which will do many things, however, we were interested in sharing files between Windows, Mac and Linux systems. We have also looked at the Manjaro distribution and installing and using VirtualBox as an alternative to Wine and Crossover for using Windows programs inside Linux.

A consensus of our group suggests the Kubuntu distribution for Windows users who are new to Linux and have average computer skills.
For people with lots of computer skills who want a more leading edge system, our group suggests the Manjaro distribution.
If you would just like to take a look at Linux, we would suggest trying a live disk of Puppy Linux.